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February 5, 2012
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Volsa Application: Lin by Lithiel Volsa Application: Lin by Lithiel

(( An OC given a Shiny New Remodeling for an RP group! Lin the Kirin/Qilin returns!!!))

Name: Lin

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Species: Qilin

Job: Scientist: Alchemist/Soldier


Deadly Kick: Linís feet are capped in very hard scales rivaling that of steel. If he were to kick a vital area at his full strength it can be fatal if the enemy isnít wearing armor of some kind.
Medicinal Alchemy: Lin studied Alchemy in the field of medicine and physical status enhancers. Heís managed to create salves and balms that temporarily induce greater endurance, helps the surface heal quicker, and weather various kind of climates. Recently heís turned his studies towards military use... much to his own chagrin.
Physical Magic: Linís discovered his own magic granted to him from his ancestors. Depending on the need his body can be made to endure greater damage or deal it without the aid of his medicinal supplements. His scales can harden to strength akin to armor; the strongest he can withstand so far is piercing blows from steel. The duration is only for a few seconds, after he is very tender and his skin sore too tender to even touch. The other effect is short bursts of heightened strength, these he focuses into his kicking. In-between resting ( full 8 hours sleep) Lin can do up to 2 of these powerful bursts of strength, after which if he were to do anymore heíd pass out because of his body becoming extremely fatigued.

The Up Side.
Lin strikes as a very functional and logical sort who puts his intelligence to good use. He knows when to act, when to hold back, and when to re-think a strategy. He can be dedicated to his work and others when he truly feels for something.
Lin is not to the one to instigate a fight, but when there is no other choice he becomes VERY serious, and will act quickly, usually ending it using a strength that can be intimidating.
The qilin uses logic to cope, and his quiet temperament is good for listening, so combine that with his ability to take orders fairly well and you have a formidable fighter when he is ordered to act.
You can find a very loyal friend in him as well if you are ok with the brainy sort. He wonít just give up if something isnít easy unless itís for a very good reason- even then he wonít feel right to not see something through.

The Down Side. ( Itís the Up Sideís fault!)

This Qilin considers himself the biggest hypocrite. What began as peaceful study for the betterment of his fellow gijinka became a joint project with the military and heís not sure if heís ok with this.
Lin finds solace in meditation and solitude, but sometimes he forgets when there is a time to be alone and a time to rejoin society. Being a creature of habit he REQUIRES a third party to intervene in his life and pull him back into the circles of society less he be lost to obscurity.
Heís a dangerous balance between the acceptance of what must be done, and idealistic wishes. He wants to protect his home from monsters but when he deals a blow strong enough to kill it leaves him feeling sick.
Itís not that heís even a weakling.. Linís reason is- ď I can feel them die under my hand.. the moment the life snaps apart inside them.. .I can sense what Iíve done.Ē However, one of these days heís going to have to stop and be honest about what he feels when he kills in battle less his resolve snap and at a very bad time.

Lin was raised by his Ďgrandfatherí.
He doesnít remember how old his grandfather was before he finally died. His grandfather was devoted to the study of alchemy and finding the mysteries of life; the lines between mortality and immortality. Rumor has it his grandfather had fallen for the lovely White Tiger of the Winter Realm in his youth, but knowing he was a mortal, and the object of his affections belonged to another he could only admire her from afar.
It was what drove his grandfather to study deeper into the sciences of alchemy regarding the limitations of the mortal body. His teachings influenced his Ďgrandsoní and on his death bed Lin promised he would carry on his work.
He took to the study of Alchemy and Medicine out of the passion for bettering peopleís lives and preserving peace, and he shared his knowledge with others of his race, till the day the sunspawn arrived. At that time he was living in the Crysalis Mountains, but when they arrived Lin fled to Sunaru Forest, and when he arrived he encountered a group of soldiers headed in to combat the sunspawn.
The creature had followed him from the mountains and Lin got caught up in the battle. Using the balms he had perfected Lin was forced to fight and discovered not only the potent applications of his potions, but also his own magic. He knew what sort of magic it was but there was no conclusive evidence he would inherited it like his grandfather had hoped. Regardless, it came at the right time. With a sickening CRUNCH Lin kicked the ribs of the monster in with one strike,, and was left shocked at what heíd done.
Once the army finished the creature off Lin was offered a job. Now he uses his work in the field of military action. Not that he doesnít see the warriors of Lumeria noble, he holds them in the highest respectÖ he just never imagined heíd be fighting alongside them against nightmarish beings like the sunspawn!
Today Lin works to refine his work and produce better medicinal chemicals to help enhance and heal those who fight to protect the boarders. When they need extra fire power Lin is asked to fight or at the very least follow along the group as a field medic, this of course means he would have to fight to defend himself. With every battle he endured Lin is discovering the full scope of his talents and sometimes it scares him. Heís relieved that the magic does have a limit and he doesnít have to use it often.
Still Lin wondersÖIf his grandfather could see him now- would he be proud or worried?

Additional Info:
~ Linís scales are thin and opalescent with gloss that refracts the light very easily.

~ Since discovering his talents in combat he has taken up partial arts and is tutored by a volunteer in the military.

~ Linís horn appears to be the reason he can feel something die if heís the one to deal the blow. He feels the loss of life like an echo in his horn, this gives him a slight head ache. This only applies to bigger beings, things like plants or smaller creatures not as much. Not that heíd kill those purposefully though!

~He likes to forage for his materials and will sometimes take days just wandering around for them at leisure.

~ If he gets involved too deeply in a project he will sometimes forget to eat or sleep- so someone has to come and visit him periodically to remind him that he needs to Eat/SLEEP to LIVE.

~ He likes it when someone plays with his long hair, it feels nice and relaxes him.

~ Because his scales protect him from harsher weather, and can be hardened or enhanced by either magic, or his own salves, Lin wears normal clothing even to battle because he prefers to be able to move faster and easier.

~ It is strongly implied that his grandfather was actually his biological father! His father had discovered some kind of method to prolong his life, but obviously it didnít work forever. It also had some seriously negative effects which must have been the reason his father stopped doing it. Because of this, it is possible that he sired Lin at a much older age and lied about it due to the fact he was already so old. His mother is currently unknown.

~ This guy NEEDS to socialize more!

- Disclaimers: Application Template belongs to Rueme
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Lithiel Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012
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Auffallend Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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