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The Digital War: Loralai Shiba by Lithiel The Digital War: Loralai Shiba by Lithiel
:bulletblue:Name: Loralai Shiba

:bulletpurple:Age: 21

:bulletblue:Gender: Female

:bulletpurple:Digivice: A Novelty USB hub – received it from a gaming convention!

:bulletblue:Digital Shard: Hope

:bulletpurple:Height: 5ft

:bulletblue:Nationality: Canadian/Trinidad/Japanese (see history)

:bulletpurple:Personality: “The core of my personality consists of many selves” – Hans Bender

Loralai is your classic case of a split persona. The division goes inwards, with a surface persona overlaying an inner more personal one within. Outwardly Loralai keeps her most positive qualities; she’s social, friendly and a caring person to those who need her. She is known to be very understanding as well as a good listening ear for those who need to sort out their problems. Her emotional awareness and acute empathy is a bit of a marvel and is often her compass for most of her actions. Some would say she’s almost over compensating for something.

These qualities point out her first obvious flaw, she will sometimes be torn between her logic and her own emotions. When this happens it’s nearly impossible for her decide and she can eventually panic. When it comes to the final decision though she will often side with what she ‘feels’ is right, trusting in her ‘light’ which she has explained to those who ask, ‘has never let her down’. ((Refer to “About” section for details behind this))
It seems only natural for Loralai to be driven by her emotions as an artistic person, so it’s not uncommon for her to be passionate and very expressive, but there is a degree to which her expressiveness goes… as far as being genuine.
This is where the surface persona ends, the one within begins. All negativity Loralai keeps to herself, with Magemon beint the only exception.

Like every human, there is a darkness within her; it was born from years and years of foul treatment ((again see “About” Section)), and it resulted in a hidden persona she used to use when she was child. A defensive coping mechanism, which today only surfaces when she feels completely threatened, alone with the threat and out of other options.

The persona is a cold, mute, and viciously adept person who will let go of all physical responses until she secures her safety once more. Some describe this as a berserker persona, but that would assume she would lash out without reason, in contrast to this belief- while in this state Loralai doesn’t instigate the violence or openly attack. Instead she only reacts in self defense. Her emotional responses are also completely shut in. Only until the danger is passed will the mental state recede and she returns to normal.
Magemon is the only one capable of bringing Lorlai back from it so far. This persona Magemon has named the ‘Murahi Oni’ referring back to Loralai’s childhood days at her old school.

The contrast between these two personas is so drastic it’s almost scary, which is why even though she has many friendly neighbors or colleagues, she has very few ‘Close’ friends who know her personally. Loralai is practically ashamed this side within her exists at all.

“Racism is man's gravest threat to man - the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason. ~Abraham Joshua Heschel”

Loralai is the child of a mixed marriage. Her father Eiji Shiba met her mother in Trinidad, and brought her back to Japan were they got married and had their child, and though it wasn’t uncommon now for some children to be half white and Japanese, anything more exotic was still only partially acceptable, so it didn’t spare her the racial persecution from the close knit community they moved to. What started as simple silence, avoidance, and teasing, grew and began more aggressive. Combined with the fact her father’s side of the family cut ties with them for marrying without their blessing, they were severed and cut off from the inheritance her father was supposed to receive with the passing of her grandfather.

That financial strain on the family was impossible to hide from their daughter when she was old enough to ask questions. Loralai was eventually sent to private school because her father found a decent job as a teacher there, and with the discount they could afford the tuition. But this earned her reputation as a lower class citizen who somehow shamefully wormed their way into the prep school. So began the long and arduous life of being bullied both mentally and emotionally from the staff, and physically from the other children.

Though through it all her parents loved each other and their child dearly, they were only human. They suspected something was wrong, and made the mistake of brushing off the suspicious action from her teachers and the bruises Loralai said were accidents of her own. Each day was a struggle between honesty, and understanding. Because unknown to them, their daughter was much more aware of their situation then she let on. Loralai saw her father beg on his knees through the crack of the door to the office, and she heard her mother cry at night over simple things like food and rent, and understood the bitterness behind the tone her extended family took when speaking over the phone or directly in those rare visits before they stopped coming all together.

Loralai turned out to be very intelligent and came to understand the delicate position her parents were in. It had much barring on how her parents handled things. Even if her father knew the full extent of her troubles, he couldn’t afford to stand up for his daughter and complain to the school board, or else he’d lose his job which was just too precious and hard enough to secure. The girl of only 7 years took pity on her Mother and Father, seeing how much they suffered when they thought she wasn’t looking, and so she said nothing.

Loralai said nothing and lied when asked; she would smile and say that she had a wonderful time at school. Every day. Every day she lied and said her teachers were wonderful and helpful. Loralai made up excuses for coming home always a mess. For most children this would have broken her long ago, but something inside Loralai, something she couldn’t explain told her that things wouldn’t be this way forever. She just needed to be strong. Loralai would later call this feeling ‘the light’ inside.

She faced her bullies and tormentors with an unnatural persistence and determination that would not be broken. The girl found coping would mean to withdraw inwards into herself, immersing her mind into a fictitious world where she was an unstoppable hero who knew no fear.

Loralai took to exploring the ‘out of bounds’, which was a large forest lot around the school grounds in the years that followed. This earned her a reputation as the ‘Oni’ of Murahi School. Boys would chase after her looking for a fight, and boy did they get one.

Time passed though, and despite her best efforts, Loralai’s spirit did begin to break eventually, halfway through middle school. As the fights were getting just too rough and the staff always looking the other way, doubts began to wear on her mind, and the guilt of learning how difficult it was for her parents to survive in such a xenophobic community was beginning to make her resolve slip.

One day she returned home after she was attacked by a much bigger group of students, the assault resulted in her left leg being permanently lame and finally her parents couldn’t pretend anymore. Finally the parents decided to do something drastic, and so they left the country, moving to Canada when Loralai was 15. After settling into a new city, a new school, a new life, for a moment Loralai thought her troubles were finally over. But when she entered public school, the bullying continued.

That was the last straw, and Loralai began to lose faith and trust in anyone, even her own parents. Her happy-go-lucky exterior began to crack and fall away revealing how she truly felt. Anguish, Frustration... and Anger.

Most importantly she began to lose Hope.</i> She felt she could never escape.

All this time Loralai somehow got it in her head that if she just kept holding onto hope, eventually things would change, someone would see her, and accept her for who she was. Even if no one could physically save her, just being there at her side would be enough.
Just when another fight was about to turn grossly out of hand, when she was about to lose all Hope, someone- something appeared between her and her assailants.
This would be the fateful day she met her digimon partner Magemon, and that unexplained light inside manifested into a strange crystal shard. Her USB Hub transformed into a digivice and Loralai finally understood what she was waiting for all this time.

From that day on Magemon was always by her side. Magemon gave her the confidence to take real action and eventually bullying stopped. With Magemon always at her side she was no longer an easy target. Though the girl is still reserved, and puts on a false happy face, Magemon is slowly helping Loralai come to terms with her real feelings. There were great improvements in her overall look on life, right up to the moment she discovered the Organizations founded by the original Digi-Destined.

It started when she saw a local broad cast about the disturbances going on in Japan. She looked up the events online to find the Organizations where located back in her home country. The matter would have ended there had it not been for Magemon, using ‘ Magical Game’ and divining from the digi-cards, the digimon foretold that their future lay back in Loralai’s country of birth.
It took all of her self-control, to put aside her bitterness, her fear- and to pack her belongings and return to Japan. Loralai tried to ignore the situation for a while actually, but she couldn’t shake that nagging sensation inside her heart. Perhaps that’s what happens when you’re chosen, there are some things you just can’t ignore.

For Loralai, it was the same voice that kept her going all these years till she met Magemon- so why ignore it now?
The girl doesn’t harbor any ideas that she can stay with her relatives. Instead Loralai lives in the Dorms with Magemon, and is perfectly content to do so. She earns her keep by taking up a job as an illustrator, and also became reasonably successful mangaka. She uses an Alias and so far her books are fairly successful though hardly anyone knows the person behind the penname ‘Shiba Oni’, except her editor.

In the more recent years Loralai has taken up also a number of hobbies; she’s known for studying nature medicine and is often seen in the garden tending to her herbs when she’s not working on commissions or her next deadline. This stemmed from necessity when she became more vulnerable to fevers sometimes after she hit puberty. Her condition is tender at times, but refusing to be a hindrance Loralai is proactive with herself treatments. This means of course, others who need extra care with their own physical ailments are often seen talking to her. Her door is now open to those who may need something extra for their own ailments if they don’t wish to visit the facilities official medical wing.

:bulletpurple:Likes: Outside/Nature; Loralai was described as an Oni by kids, but her mother called her a ‘Bush Baby’ because she loved to play outside in the bushes and trees all day- long into the night during the summer. In recent years she’s taken into foraging for plant life she can use for remedies. Stargazing; Loralai can’t miss a chance to go outside and look at the stars if given the opportunity, both for sentimental reasons and inspiration. Books, games, DnD; Loralai is a bit addicted to escapism, but also as an artist she does need to get her imagination flowing somehow when it’s too rainy to go outside. Drawing, painting, & animating; this was her medium for expression for a long time, when necessity turned to talent, talent then turned to opportunity. She eventually became a professional and now makes money off of it. Cooking & Mushroms; Yup she likes to cook, and her favorite food to cook is mushrooms!

:bulletblue:Dislikes: Being kept inside for too long. The internet/cyber networking (sometimes)- she thinks it’s cutting people off from each other in the more personal way. Loralai hates it when friendships or socializing is limited to just text online. If you won’t take time to talk to her in person, you won’t win her over as a ‘closer’ friend. Bullies; nuff said. She has a very deep bitterness towards those who abuse the weaker for any reason. Red spaghetti; she had to eat nothing but it for one year- and since then can’t stand the stuff!

:bulletwhite:Digimon Partner: Magemon

“There will be a day when someone will walk into your life after the rest of the world walks out, and see beyond your scars- to marvel in the color of your eyes.”- Loralai’s Mother.

Personality & History: Magemon was a work in progress. Meaning she was with her partner for a while but in spirit. While her body remained in the digital world in it’s egg, her spirit was called forth prematurely into the human world by the sound of Loralai’s cries.

From the moment of first contact the spirit of her soon to be Digimon was with her during all those hard times, dwelling inside her, waiting for the right time to cross over in body and be united with her partner. Magemon knew she couldn’t’ wait any longer when she felt her partners Hope slipping. She appeared in a flurry of angry digital magic right between her human partner and the cowardly humans who sought to ‘entertain themselves’.
Since her arrival, Loralai’s Hope was rekindled.

Overall Magemon was an amalgamation of Loralai’s fantastical interests, and was proud to be so. Her otherworldly appearance and deep understanding breached all her partners barriers, Magemon knew she was the one Loralai was waiting for.
The digimons only regret was taking this long to find her. She desires to make up not being there to support her human partner in the flesh, by never leaving her from that moment on. Magemon aspires to help Loralai heal form the inside out and kindle that light of Hope till there is no more places inside her heart for darkness to hide.

Physically Magemon also caters to Lorlai’s change in health and took up the study of natural remedies as well, often putting them to use in the field not just for themselves, but other allies as well.

Magemon was also the one who prompted her partner to seek out the 3 factions of Sol, Lune and Astra after divining hints about their future using ‘ Magical Game’ and digicards. Magemon keeps a sharp eye on Loralai as they return to Japan, and determined to erase the dark memories, she strives to make better, bigger, brighter ones together with her partner, and shape a positive future for them both.

:bulletyellow:Note: Magemons powers and attacks are another representation of both her and her partners personal ideals and feelings, thus Magemons evolutionary abilities seemed to harbor a more team cooperative nature then simply being solely offensive. She possess spells which are more for the benefit of others and those she protects which makes her good for support in a team effort.

:bulletblack: Fresh/Baby Kimon
Attacks/Powers: Bubble Blow

:bulletblack: In-Trainig Magimon
Attack/Powers: Lumin Spark, Aura puff

:bulletblack:Rookie Magemon
Attacks/Powers: Shalic Sphere > Virtuous Sphere, Falling Lights, Lotus Wall, Digital Insignia.

* Special ability “Magical Game”: After this stage- This digimon learns the practice of reading the future (fortune telling) using digicards- ( Cards similar to the ones Genai gave the first digidestined to open the first gate between the worlds.) All evolutions following can also do this practice. Though the fortune telling is subtle at best, the hint vague and need time to decipher, sometimes there is no result at all from using this ability because the patterns of fate are too chaotic to glean for information*

:bulletblack:Champion Arcmagemon
Attacks/Powers: Astral Paradigm, Magi Repose, Elemental Sphere, Heroic Circle.

:bulletblack:Ultimate Archanistmon
Attacks/Powers: Espir Emblem, Ward of Reflection, Coded Exchange, Valiant Flood.

:bulletblack:Mega Eldestmon
Attacks: Animus Mantra, Ultima Spark, Astral Crystarium, Talisman of Stars, Sacrificial Hamagoro Raiment.

For descriptions and power levels

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Disclaimers: Digimon the series belongs to their respective creators. The digital Wars story belongs to the mods and creators of the group.
Loralai & Magemon (and all her evolutions) belong to ME
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